Friday, October 3, 2008

Sexual Technique to Make Your Wife Wild with Desire!!

Between being married a long time, and also being a man, I can tell you guys that there are certain things you can do to make your wife swoon. They aren't difficult, anyone can do them and they are some of the sexiest things I can think of…and I have quite the imagination… Here follows one of them:

Wet Hands
Yep, it is the wet hands technique. Certainly one of the most popular among most women polled for this article. So simple. So exciting. You will leave her breathless.
• Fill the kitchen sink up with hot water and add a few drops of a scented dish liquid. Not too many, you don't want it to be harsh. There are many very nice scents out now, from vanilla and lavender to grapefruit. It is completely up to you.
• With a soft cloth in your hands plunge your hands into the water and get the cloth very wet.
• Now, moving slowly and gently place a dish in the water and rub the cloth across the surface of it..over and over again.
• Place the dish in clean rinse water and repeat until she is moaning with pleasure.
.Now you repeat the process until all the dirty dishes are clean, works like a bom....


The Jillybean said...

ROFL...that is such a great post. I have to link to this.

Lola said...

ROFLOL TOO.....Got the dishes done anyway.

lina said...

LOL. I wish my hubby read this too! He haven't done this to make me wild in ages! Hahaha