Sunday, July 18, 2010


I hope you enjoy this one, I did!

The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories.

There were all the regular types of stuff: spilled milk and pennies saved. But then the teacher realized, much to her dismay, that only Janie was left.

“Janie, do you have a story to share?'

''Yes ma'am. My daddy told me a story about my Mommy. She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory, and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife.

She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break, and then her parachute landed her right in the middle of 20 Iraqi troops. She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands.

''Good Heavens,' said the horrified teacher. 'What did your Daddy tell you was the moral to this story?

"Don't $##$% with Mommy when she's been drinking."


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Anonymous said...

That was hilarious.

Faboulista said...

hahaha hilarious this story... but i feel it almost has a negative moral to it. to teach a kid that killing is Ok is not normal to me.

Toni Tralala said...

LMAO! This is funny! :))

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Isha Shiri said...

Lol - not publish this joke and my nick, please?

It's a joke too!

The Priest Catholic and Rabbi

At a banquet, they put a Catholic Priest sitting next to a Jewish Rabbi.

The priest dish the filled with juicy bits of a pig and offer them to his colleague.
The rabbi refused, saying:
- Thank you, but ... You don't know that my religion does not allow the meat of pig?
- Wow! What a weird religion! Eating pig is delicious! - The priest commented wryly.

At the time of departure, the Rabbi comes and says to the Priest:
- Send my recommendations to your wife!
And the Priest aghast say:
- My wife? You don't know that my religion doesn't allow marriage for Priests?

- Wow! What a weird religion! "Eating" a woman is delicious! But if you prefers pig ....

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Funny story, thanks for sharing.

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Aww, this is beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


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