Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Now this is sooo cute! This was filmed in South Africa some time ago, to be honest when I was still a little boy, (and that is long before lots of you were born) by a man with the name of Jamie Uys. I hope you have never seen it before, but if you have, please watch it again. Enjoy!


kirstyb said...

that did make me chuckle even though i had no idea what it said xoxox

Michael St. James said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! Cool blog!

sexylegsandbody said...

Kirstyb, so glad you enjoyed it. I also do not know what is said, however, it is really cute.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

sexylegsandbody said...

Michael St James, you are welcome, glad you enjoyed that. Hope to see you around again soon.

Alba said...